Our agents have helped protect generations of families and businesses.

Helping you protect what you love the most.

Life is full of opportunities and big moments: the birth of a child, the purchase of your first home, family celebrations and the professional accomplishments of your children. At New York Life, we know you work hard to accomplish your goals, take care of your family and make sure everything good in life is still present for you and future generations. Because of this, we are committed to you and your wellbeing. We have a long trajectory of helping families, business owners, professionals and all of those interested in protecting their economic future. We help you create a financial strategy that may allow you to accomplish your responsibilities and realize your dreams.

When was the last time you reviewed your finances, savings and plans for a tranquil and happy retirement? What about your business? Are you prepared with a plan that lets you grow and protect it in the event of an unexpected succession? We know that finding the answers to these questions isn’t always easy. It’s because of this that we count on a team of financial professionals equipped and ready to assess your needs. We can help you not only because we share your values and speak your language, but because we’re also members of your community.

Life offers us many great things at every stage and here at New York Life, we’re here to help you protect them for your family and your business.

What matters most to you?

  • Protecting your loved ones
    Taking care of those we love is always at the top of the to-do list. When it comes to protecting your family financially, life insurance can help your family protect your mortgage, and your children’s education if something happens to you.
  • Supporting your parents
    Your parents supported you, so you’re going to help support them. Balancing the needs of your loved ones with your own financial health can be challenging, but there are flexible solutions that can help.
  • Securing your retirement
    Here’s the thing about retirement: we all want two things: a very long one and enough money to enjoy it. What financial resources will you have to cover your needs—groceries, general expenses, medical and extended care expenses, home maintenance, utilities, taxes, maintaining your lifestyle—well into retirement? We can help you prepare for your retirement and help make sure you have the income to enjoy it.
  • Building wealth and assets
    You have worked hard all these years to accumulate assets. Make sure you have a proper strategy to protect, preserve and pass on your legacy. We can help with your asset accumulation and preservation needs.
  • Preparing for college
    Giving your children opportunities to excel in life is every parent’s goal. That’s why preparing for their college education and planning for their future are so important. We can help with your college funding needs.

It starts with you.

When you meet with one of our agents to discuss your financial dreams, they will help you:

  • Build a financial strategy for your personal or business needs
  • Develop a retirement plan to help achieve peace of mind
  • Raise financially responsible children

Connect with a financial professional

Customize a plan that works best for you.