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Reaping the rewards of hard work

With New York Life, success is measured by building solid relationships

Growing up in Jamaica, Wendy Edwards learned the value of education and independence at an early age. “I studied at a private school for girls that stressed the importance of discipline and self-reliance, later moving to New York with my brother to attend Queens College. My parents encouraged my brothers, my sister, and myself to come to the U.S. to pursue the American dream, ” explains Ms. Edwards. “They believe that with hard work and determination, the United States can offer tremendous opportunity for anyone. ”

“That foundation of hard work and self-reliance proved to be beneficial as she found herself working a 40-hour week while going to school full-time. All this while adjusting to the hustle and bustle of New York — quite different from life on a small Caribbean island. Her job working as an assistant to a New York Life agent gave her a first taste of the life insurance business. “It really appealed to my sense of independence. From day one I knew I wanted to be my own boss, and I liked the freedom and flexibility that a career with New York Life offered, ” she says. “You can basically write your own paycheck. The amount of time and effort you put in truly determines your success. ”

True to her parents’ promise, Ms. Edwards has certainly reaped the rewards of her hard work, and has used educational opportunities to change and expand her career. With our company for over 20 years, serving in sales management for six years, and currently working as an agent for New York Life and a registered representative for NYLIFE Securities LLC, she consistently ranks among the Company’s highest achieving agents. Among her many accomplishments, Ms. Edwards has attained Lifetime membership in the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT).*

The real rewards

But what she really cherishes are the relationships with her clients. “My clients are an extension of my own family. I make them a part of my own life, and they make me a part of theirs. I come to know their children and grandchildren. We plan for college education, prepare for retirement and create inheritances. It’s wonderful having such trust within this big extended family. When I am informing them, I bring a piece of myself and they recognize my sincerity. I want their families to have the same opportunities for education that I had.”

Ms. Edwards’ flexible schedule has allowed her time to spend with her five nieces, as well as to see the world—traveling to Switzerland, Africa, Italy, Brazil, India, and China (and hopefully Australia this year)—realizing a dream that was instilled in her from the time she was very young. “With this career I can set the time aside to do the things I love,” she says.

Helping clients expand their horizons

“I work primarily with professionals, many of them are starting up small businesses, some are pre-retirees and active retirees who’ need to ensure their income in retirement. With people living longer and pension uncertainty, the goal of these insurance and financial products is to help people prepare for a retirement that that they can enjoy,” says Ms. Edwards. “That’s the wonderful thing about New York Life. The Company is so innovative that it offers products to meet every need and budget.”

Why choose New York Life?

“As a New York Life agent, I am afforded a successful, lucrative career that allows me a flexible work schedule and the opportunity to serve the core financial needs of my community,” says Ms. Edwards. “In addition, New York Life has actively supported my success throughout my career. It is this lifelong education and professional development through training, marketing materials, and financial expertise that made New York Life the right choice for me.”

*MDRT is recognized throughout the industry as the standard of excellence in life insurance sales performance