Partner with us.

We provide capital to many types of organizations, such as public and private companies, endowments, charitable institutions, and cooperatives.

Companies work with us to arrange financings in the form of Senior Debt, Master Note Facilities and Credit Tenant Leases. We also offer specialized expertise in providing financing to the Infrastructure, Utilities, Oil and Gas, REITs, Sports, and Media sectors.

Examples include:

  • Refinancing floating rate bank debt with fixed rate medium to long term capital
  • Funding capital expenditures
  • Funding merger & acquisition activity
  • Recapitalizations and stock repurchases

Given our long history in the private placement market, we have a well established and streamlined investment process. Whether you’re refinancing bank debt or making an acquisition, we can be there to provide the financing.

Our senior investment professionals are highly trained and experienced professionals, having on average 20 years of investment experience. This expertise enables us to complete a debut financing in as little as four to six weeks, with repeat financing completed more quickly.

We are able to provide access to both fixed rated and floating rate capital. You can choose to structure your debt across various maturities, using either bullet maturities or customized amortizing structures. Also, should you not need the capital immediately, we offer delayed funding options that allow you to lock in interest rates today for funding future financing needs.

Growing our business with you in mind.

We have regional offices in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and London. Our regional presence allows us to be close to you, encouraging face-to-face contact and enabling us to better support your ongoing business needs.