Senior Debt.

A leading provider of senior debt capital to private placement issuers throughout the world.


Senior debt private placements allow you to diversify your funding sources beyond traditional bank financing. A traditional private placement is privately negotiated and structured, does not require either registration or public disclosure, and can often be issued without independent credit ratings.

Working with Private Capital Investors to undertake a private placement financing has many benefits. We provide both fixed and floating rate capital across a broad range of maturities and our long standing experience in the market allows us to complete transactions quickly and efficiently.

Transaction structure.
  • Size: Typical investment from $10 million to $250 million
  • Maturity: Typically from 5 to 15+ years, providing longer maturities than traditional bank financing
  • Repayments: Individually tailored to meet your company’s needs, including bullet maturities or customized amortizations
  • Documentation: Similar to bank lender documentation requirements
  • Currency: Predominantly USD with ability to provide select foreign currencies (€, £ and CAD)

Note: Transaction characteristics and structure may vary.