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Buy-sell plans can help create a market for a closely held business, establish a price for all parties to sell their interests, and provide money to fund the plan.

How it works.

A buy-sell plan will work differently depending on the type of business entity. Each type of agreement helps create a smooth process for transferring ownership of the business. The agreement provides control over who purchases the remaining assets. The buyer can purchase a life insurance policy to help make sure they have available funds to purchase the business.

Supplemental life insurance for retirement planning can not only provide death benefit protection related to the business but can also help you generate income once you retire while strengthening your business’ balance sheet. Of course, accessing the cash value in a life insurance policy will reduce the total cash value and total death benefit.

How it works.

You purchase and own a life insurance policy. You pay the premiums before you retire. Once you retire, you can withdraw monthly income or borrow against the policy. At death, your beneficiaries receive the benefit income tax-free.

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