Reward your employees.

Employee Benefits provide an incentive program that goes beyond a paycheck and allows you to cultivate a strong workforce.

How it works.

There are different employee benefit plans and packages. We offer you the ability to customize what benefits to offer your employees based on what is best for your business. These benefits are voluntary and are at no additional cost to you. We have flexible payment options for your employees, including automatic payroll deduction.

Employee future compensation offers a nonqualified deferred compensation arrangement that allows you to provide retirement income to select employees, often with benefits in excess of those permitted under qualified plans.

How it works.

You and your employee enter a contract that specifies the compensation you will pay that employee in the future. Deferred compensation arrangements must be unfunded to ensure current income tax deferral for employees. Since you may not set up a specific reserve fund in which a participant has a vested right, a life insurance policy is uniquely suited to informally finance a nonqualified deferred compensation plan.


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