NYLIAC Variable Universal Life Prospectuses

Click here to download the May 1, 2018 product prospectus and underlying fund prospectuses for the New York Life and Annuity Corporation ("NYLIAC") flexible premium Variable Universal Life product. The product prospectus describes a flexible premium variable universal life insurance policy that is no longer offered for sale by NYLIAC. NYLIAC however, continues to accept additional premiums paid under existing policies described by this Prospectus.

The fund prospectuses contain information on each of the Investment Divisions available under our products. Details of each Portfolio’s investment objective, style and associated risk will be found inside. The Investment Divisions offered through the New York Life variable universal life polices and described herein are different from mutual funds that may have similar names but are available directly to the general public. Investment results may differ.

Together these prospectuses provide you with a complete picture of what the NYLIAC flexible premium Variable Universal Life product may offer you as you plan for your long-term financial goals.

To learn more about the policy, you may download the Statement of Additional Information ("SAI") dated May 1, 2018. The SAI contains more detail concerning the subjects discussed in the prospectus.

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