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Most consumers are uncertain about what kind of long term care plan they want—or need. No worries, we can help! At New York Life Insurance Company, we customize every long term care insurance solution to meet each client’s personal and financial goals.

Innovative long term care insurance solutions to help “secure” your future.

At New York Life Insurance Company, we’re committed to developing innovative long term care solutions that set us apart. We offer unique features that can make our plans more attractive, reasonably priced and help you to stay at home. Here are just a few examples of how you can benefit from our solutions:

  • We have a simple plan where you select the level of coverage you want and many of the benefits are packaged based on what most clients have selected over time.
  • If you prefer to pick and choose different elements of your plan, we have that type of plan as well.
  • We offer a comprehensive long term care plan with a coinsurance option to make it more affordable.
  • With some of our plans, you can choose if you want your friends and family to administer your care (they get trained and compensated) or a certified professional. You can also elect where you receive care, in your own home, at an assisted living facility or in a nursing home.
  • If you are concerned about the power of your money over time, there’s an inflation option that’s right for you.
  • For those, who are considering retiring overseas, we have plans with modest international coverage.
  • There’s even a plan where you can have both life and long term care insurance protection, plus a money back guarantee*, in case you change your mind.

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Help me better understand, what is Long term care insurance?

Heath insurance typically covers expenses such as your doctors, prescriptions, medical procedures and physical therapy. Long term care insurance helps you with those activities we don’t really think about today, but as we age may become more challenging such as comfortably getting dressed, driving to a doctor’s appointment or making dinner. Because they cover different types of expenses, it’s normal to have long term care insurance in addition to health care coverage.

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You can get a feel for long term care costs, by clicking here to see the average cost of long term care for different types of care and locations. Long-Term Care Costs by state and region.

Short videos on how a few of our long term care insurance options work.

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*Guarantee is available as long as no policy loans or partial surrenders have been made, no benefits have been used towards long-term care, and all planned premiums have been paid.

The purpose of this material is solicitation of insurance. An insurance agent may contact you. Policy forms ICC16-316-60P & ICC16-316-284R, ICC16-316-150P & ICC16-316-283R, 316-60P & 316-284R, 316-150P & 316-283R & ICC13314-60, 314-60, 898-60, and any state-specific, are issued by New York Life Insurance Company and Annuity Corporation, Newark, DE, a wholly owned subsidiary of New York Life Insurance Company. Policy forms ICC18-LTCD PLCY (0218), ICC18-LTCDNC PLCY (0218), ICC18-LTCDNC-U PLCY (0218), ICC18-LTCD-U PLCY (0218), ICC18-LTCWP PLCY (0218), ICC18-LTCWPNC PLCY (0218), ICC18-LTCWPNC-U PLCY (0218), ICC18-LTCWP-U PLCY (0218), LTCD PLCY (0218), LTCWP (0218), ICC14-LTC6, LTC6, ILTC-5000, INH-5000, and any state-specific, are issued by New York Life Insurance Company, New York, NY. These products have exclusions and limitations. Underwriting approval is required to purchase coverage and a medical exam may be required. The company reserves the right to increase premiums in the future. For costs and complete details of the coverage contact your agent or the insurance company.