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Marketing & prospecting video series and curriculum.

Overview: Introducing a unified New York Life approach to Marketing and Prospecting.

As a Candidate, and then new Agent, you receive marketing and prospecting training only interspersed throughout other development opportunities. That’s all about to change! As of January 2016, you will have access to marketing & prospecting skills training, techniques, and resources via multi-media. It’s a unified curriculum consisting of videos with GIDs and Activity Workbooks or interactive E-Learning modules, The videos and workbooks can be used as part of classroom activities, during IIDs, or any combination you and your manager choose. The E-Learning modules integrate both the videos and Activity Workbook and can be used for self-learning.

The Big Picture:
Here’s a snapshot of the entire Curriculum. You’ll learn, practice, and use everything from the Top 20 List to MOD, your AMP to Social Networking, and much more. Each topic has a video and expanded accompanying Activity Workbook for your use.

4 of 25 Interactive Videos
This is the first time that a complete curriculum is available as independent videos with workbooks, or 25 E–Learning Modules you can watch on your laptop, i‐pad, tablet, or even phone. These short, interactive videos introduce topics, provide concrete examples, and then ask you to demonstrate your learning by completing activities and assignments. The remaining videos are available on NYLIC University.

4 of 25 Activity-based Workbooks
Tied closely to the videos are the short workbooks providing the activity‐based content, practice, and resources needed to complete the videos. The rest of the curriculum is available on NYLIC University.

1-4 Links to E-Learning

Module One: Introduction and Top 20 List: Identifying & Qualifying Prospects
Module Two: Project 200: Discovering Your Initial Contacts
Module Three: Primary Markets: Identifying Prospect Sources
Module Four: Marketing Plan Outline: Planning for Long-Term Success

For questions or more information on the new curriculum, contact Judith Barlar or Mark Mantell.

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