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Things women can do to boost their retirement security right now.

Taking charge of your finances is key.

Even today, odds are high that a woman’s pension will be lower than her male colleagues. So, whether you’re just starting up the career ladder or an experienced corporate mogul, you may need to take extra steps to help ensure you have the security you deserve in retirement. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do now.

Make a conscious effort to take charge of your own retirement planning. Don’t leave it to chance. Start saving for retirement. No excuses.

Get knowledgeable about finances. You don’t need to become a Wall Street wizard, but with a little education you can make more informed choices. Investing a few hours learning the basics can pay big dividends in knowledge today, and financial security tomorrow.

Make maximum contributions to qualified retirement plans through work and IRAs on your own.

Be proactive about managing your finances while you're single. As soon as you begin working and supporting yourself, take charge of your own future, so you’ll be more fiscally prepared.

Take an active part in your household’s finances if you get married. Make sure your marriage is a partnership when it comes to making important financial decisions.

If you’re married, discuss the critical differences between joint and single life pension and annuity benefits. Under a single life option, when a spouse dies, the benefits die with them. It’s also smart to make sure your estate plans are up to date to protect your surviving spouse.

Look before you leap when changing jobs. Don’t go solely for a bigger paycheck; make sure you won’t lose retirement benefits. Also, you may want to think twice before retiring early before your benefits are maxed out.

Become financially aggressive. Historically, women have tended to be conservative with money. While this is changing, many women still tend to focus too much on protecting principal than on achieving solid returns.

Consider all your financial choices.

It’s important to carefully evaluate all your financial options. There are a variety of products available that can suit any number of goals. By exploring your choices today, you can establish a sound financial strategy for your retirement years.

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