Structured Lending guidelines.

  • Bridge loans.
    • For active repositioning via lease up or renovation
    • Business plan to be accomplished with 3 years
    • Institutional quality properties, locations and sponsors
    • LTC 80% or less
    • Bridge to permanent loans available
    • Earnouts via additional funding or rate reductions
    • Fixed rate base loan with floating rate future funding options
  • Construction to permanent loans.
    • Longer term fixed rate financing, 7 to 10 year+ terms
    • Institutional quality property, location and sponsorship required
    • Loan structure will vary depending on project
  • Subordinated Debt.
    • Institutional quality property, location and sponsorship required
    • Leverage up to 85% LTV
    • Combined mortgage and mezzanine facilities
  • Co-Lending on Senior Debt.
    • Bank participations with bank and non-bank lenders
    • Lending alongside CMBS
    • Must have joint or sole control over major decisions
  • Loans to a Trust.
    • Financing available to Trusts that hold real estate debt
    • Single or multiple assets
    • All senior debt or a mix of senior and subordinated debt
    • Mortgages, mezzanine, CMBS or REIT debt
    • Fixed or floating rate
    • Static pools or pools changeable with lender approval
NYL Investors contacts.

John Lippmann, Senior Director
Head of Structured Lending

*These guidelines are representative and not an offer.

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