Focusing on you pays dividends.

New York Life puts its financial strength to work on your behalf.

Our priority is always aligned with yours: Backing the guarantees of our insurance and annuity products you and your family are counting on for a secure financial future. But as a company that does not have to answer to Wall Street or shareholders, we are also able to share our success with you today. For many of our clients, this shared success is received in an annual dividend—something we’ve been paying consistently since 1854. Dividends can be used in a few different ways. Some simply take it as cash to spend on other current needs. Others apply the money towards their premium payment to reduce out-of-pocket expenses. Many, however, use their dividend to conveniently purchase more insurance. Our long track record reflects our commitment to paying you the strongest dividend possible each year, while maintaining unquestioned financial strength. And that is something we are uniquely positioned to continue to do for you.

And in 2018, our eligible policy owners will receive the largest payout ever of $1.78 billion. This is also our 164th consecutive year of paying a dividend.


Policy Owner Benefits & Dividends

How are we able to consistently deliver a strong dividend payout?

Despite low interest rates over the past several years, since 2012 we’ve increased our dividend payout by 36 percent. This sets us apart from many other life insurers. Why? There are only a few options for companies to offset the impact on policy owner dividends from the smaller investment returns in a low interest rate environment. They can tap into surplus, which is the capital above and beyond the funds already set aside to pay benefits. They can seek larger returns by taking on more investment risk. Or they can operate other businesses to generate additional earnings.

For publicly traded life insurers, exercising these options for the benefit of their policy owners is challenging because their priority is to share their success with shareholders, not you. But even for other life insurers that do not answer to shareholders, these options can be just as challenging if they do not have the cushion of robust surplus or other successful businesses.

Our diverse business strategy and superior financial strength are put to work for you.

All New York Life policy owners benefit from our diversified business portfolio. These businesses generate additional earnings that help keep your company growing. Our whole life policy owners also enjoy a distinct advantage from this business strategy: A portion of those earnings can contribute to the dividend payout without the company taking on additional investment risk. And we are able to do this while continuing to hold the highest ratings for financial strength currently awarded to any life insurer by the four major rating agencies.2 Said another way, our focus on you pays dividends.


You're a part of New York Life's community of customers.

Life insurance is a product that has withstood the test of time. Regardless of the economic cycle or whatever else may be going on in the world around us, it continues to have a place when planning for a secure financial future.

If you own one of our individual life insurance products, you are part of a community of millions who collectively own nearly $1 trillion in protection for their families and businesses. That’s money that can help pay for an education, secure a retirement, or protect the assets you’ve worked hard to accumulate.

The premiums and fees we collect on life insurance and annuity products are prudently invested and managed for the long term to ensure we fulfill the promises we make to you.


Financial strength that belongs to you.

As a life insurer with no shareholders, our interests are aligned with yours. New York Life does not need to meet the quarterly demands of Wall Street. That’s why every dollar of value we create is put to work with your long-term interests in mind, whether it is paying dividends or enhancing our financial strength by growing surplus.

Surplus is one of the most important measures of an insurer’s financial strength, since it shows the company’s ability to help secure your future. This is capital above and beyond the funds already set aside to pay the benefits we promise. Think of it as a cushion against potential future adverse economic events—money that further ensures we can continue to meet our obligations to you whenever you need us.


A secure financial future you can feel confident about.

Protecting your family or business against the unexpected. Paying for college. Saving for retirement, and being able to enjoy it. Whatever your  goals, we have the products that can help you achieve them. Our job is to provide guidance and help you assemble the plan you need, and want. And as your goals evolve you can count on us to help you continue to be free from worrying about your financial future.

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