And just as New York Life takes the long-term view when it comes to our investments, we take the same approach in our philanthropic strategy. Since its founding in 1979, the New York Life Foundation continues to grow as a corporate philanthropy leader, investing a total of more than $300 million in communities where we work and live.

Today, the New York Life Foundation has two primary grantmaking focus areas: childhood bereavement and programs supporting middle schoolers to successfully transition into high school. Perhaps more than the financial support awarded, the donation of time and talents by our workforce represents how we act with humanity, upholding one of our company values.

By the numbers

With you…providing comfort during the most difficult times.

One in 14 children will lose a parent or a sibling by the age of 18. However, the impact of this loss is often overlooked. We work with our communities to understand this issue, identifying the real needs so we can provide the right resources to those facing grief. For example, our partnership with StoryCorps allows young people to document their “love story,” ensuring that the legacy of a loved one is preserved.

Additionally, on a more local level, we fund community groups such as the Tristesse Grief Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center in Los Angeles, to provide safe places for bereaved children to share their feelings and comfort one another through a loss.

These local centers make what feels like a unique experience—losing a loved one—less isolating and serve as a way for us to connect, understand, and support children who are grieving. We also continue to invest in systems of support, focusing on the people and places that, like us, help to ensure that children feel supported and able to communicate their feelings.

New York Life’s Grief-Sensitive Schools Initiative was launched in October 2018 and has reached more than 25,000 school c ommunity members in over 1,000 schools in 46 states. The initiative has generated strong engagement among New York Life’s workforce, with nearly 1,800 agents and employees participating in the program to better equip educators and school communities to support grieving students when they return to the classroom.


In 1896, we became the first company to offer life insurance to people with disabilities.

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With you…in our desire to build better futures for our youth and our communities.

With our business, we are with you during critical transitions throughout your life, and the New York Life Foundation invests in one of the most critical times in a young person’s life. Our investments in education have helped increase the number of programs available for underserved middle school youth during crucial out-of-school hours, so they will have the same opportunity as their peers to be successful in their academic journey and beyond. For example, our partnership  with Classroom, Inc., a national leader in transforming literacy education for middle school students in after-school and summer learning programs, has resulted in an innovative digital literacy learning game called Read to Lead. This game helps students develop the skills and behaviors needed to excel in school, successfully transition to high school, and prepare for postsecondary success. Like you, we know that good preparation is the key to a bright future.

Our workforce across the nation joins many of you in service by beautifying local schools, beaches and parks; cooking and serving food at local soup kitchens; supporting and running fundraisers for local charities; reading and mentoring students; and a host of other engagements. Our efforts through the work of our companywide community service program, Volunteers for Good, allow our workforce across the country to address the local needs we all care about. In addition, when our agents and employees volunteer at a n onprofit organization, independently or as a team, they can earn grants for those organizations. We had another record-breaking year, with over 145,000 volunteer hours supported with 1,263 grants to the local organizations to which our employees and agents gave their time.

Download a PDF of the 2019 Report to Policy Owners

Download a PDF of the 2019 Report to Policy Owners