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  • Women and Finance: Protecting what really matters


Create a better tomorrow for yourself and your family

Mother, partner, wife, career woman, business owner, caregiver, coach, breadwinner, chief financial officer for your family…and we’re just scratching the surface. The number and variety of roles women play today is astounding. So is the speed at which you’ve got to switch from one role to another and back again, without breaking a sweat, missing a deadline, or being late for a soccer game.

No matter the role, you know you want to plan for a better tomorrow for yourself and your family.

Free time? Not really. So when it comes to making decisions about your financial future—protecting the ones you love, developing a financial strategy, securing your retirement—it’s good to know you can slow down, take a breath, and turn to a trusted source for help making choices that will stand the test of time.

New York Life agents have been helping women make solid financial choices for generations. It’s never been easy and today making the appropriate choices has never been more important. We have also been a company of choice for many women interested in a meaningful career that provides independence, support, and high earning potential.

Most of all, we understand your dreams and the pressures you face trying to reach them. We know that protecting the ones you love means everything to you. So whether you’re ready to make a new mark in the world or make sure you’re taking even better care of the ones you love, we can help. Let us show you how we keep good going. You can count on us for life insurance and a variety of other products to meet your various financial goals.

What matters most to you?
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  • Consider a career as an agent or manager

    Are you looking to change careers or begin one? If you are a natural relationship-builder, know how to make friends, lead meaningful conversations and resolve complex situations, then we’d strongly encourage you to consider a career as a New York Life Insurance Company agent. Those are exactly the attributes that help financial professionals succeed.

    New York Life agents receive top-notch training and development through the company’s training program. In addition, we encourage and strongly support growth opportunities into management. And, we have a Women’s Market team, dedicated to supporting the efforts of all women agents and managers across the country. If you’re looking for a new career view, we can help you change your landscape and open up a world of possibilities.

    We have a long history of hiring, training and developing successful women agents and managers. Women at New York Life can trace their success back to the 1880s, when we were among the first companies to hire female agents. Those pioneers quickly established themselves as leaders and the same holds true for the women who join us today. In fact, New York Life has produced more female Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) members than any other company in the United States, accounting for 29 percent of all MDRT’s female members in the country.1 And in 2012, Jayshree Patel was named the company’s leading agent, earning the title of Council President.

    If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, career-driven mindset, aspire to significant goals and have a passion for building and succeeding in your own practice, a career as an agent or manager at New York Life maybe just the change or path you are looking for. EOE M/F/V/D

    1. As of August 1, 2012. MDRT membership is recognized internationally as the standard of sales excellence in the life insurance and financial services business.

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A proud history: New York Life’s women agents through the years

  • 1880's

    New York Life hires the first female life insurance agents in America; many of them quickly achieved as much or more success than their male counterparts.

    For example, at 35, Jessie Fremont Niccolls won membership into the New York Life earnings club her first year and continued to work for the Company for more than 40 years.

    1. 1874
    2. 1875
    3. 1876
    4. 1877
    5. 1878
    6. 1879
    7. 1880
    8. 1881
    9. 1882
    10. 1883
  • 1890's

    Minnie Tumbleson was the first woman to be elected to the New York Life monthly honor roll. Featured prominently in many of our publications, she was hailed as an example of the success women could enjoy within the Company. The 1899 book What Women Can Earn quoted her as saying “Of the many avenues of work now open to women I know none which to a woman of tact and perseverance affords so broad a field for enterprise as that of life insurance.”

    1. 1884
    2. 1885
    3. 1886
    4. 1887
    5. 1888
    6. 1889
    7. 1890
    8. 1891
    9. 1892
    10. 1893
  • 1947

    Mildred McAfee Horton becomes the first woman elected to the New York Life Board of Directors. She was also President of Wellesley College, the first director of the Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service in the United States Navy during WWII, and was also the first female director of the National Broadcasting Company. She later co-chaired the National Women’s Conference on Civil Rights.

    1. 1941
    2. 1942
    3. 1943
    4. 1944
    5. 1945
    6. 1946
    7. 1947
    8. 1948
    9. 1949
    10. 1950
  • 1985-1992

    In 1985 Alice T. Kane was named general counsel of New York Life and becomes the first female general counsel of any major insurer. In 1989 Ms. Kane is named corporate secretary and also made secretary of the Executive Management Committee. And in 1992 she goes on to become the first woman to be named Executive Vice President at the company.

    1. 1985
    2. 1986
    3. 1987
    4. 1988
    5. 1989
    6. 1990
    7. 1991
    8. 1992
    9. 1993
    10. 1994
  • 1996

    Renamed after its champion in 2002, The Patricia Carbine Children’s Center opens its doors at New York Life to provide back-up care to children and families, especially working mothers, at the company. Along with Gloria Steinem, Ms. Carbine was one of the six founding editors of Ms. Magazine and was a former director of New York Life.

    1. 1990
    2. 1991
    3. 1992
    4. 1993
    5. 1994
    6. 1995
    7. 1996
    8. 1997
    9. 1998
    10. 1999
  • 2000

    Tema Steele becomes our first Council Vice President. Tema has also been a member of our Chairman’s Cabinet (Top 50 agent) every year since its inception in 1996.

    1. 1994
    2. 1995
    3. 1996
    4. 1997
    5. 1998
    6. 1990
    7. 2000
    8. 2001
    9. 2002
    10. 2003
  • 2001

    For the first of many years to come, Working Mother Magazine recognizes New York Life as one of the 100 Best Companies for working mothers. In the thirteen years to follow, the company will receive this honor eleven times. In 2013, the magazine will also recognize the company as one of the best companies for multicultural women to work at for the third consecutive years.

    1. 1995
    2. 1996
    3. 1997
    4. 1998
    5. 1999
    6. 2000
    7. 2001
    8. 2002
    9. 2003
    10. 2004
  • 2002-2013

    Beginning in 2002, the National Association for Female Executives awards us the Top 50 Companies for Executive Women honor four years in a row; the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption will place the company on its Best Adoption-Friendly Workplaces List for six consecutive years; and Latina Style Magazine will award us their 50 Best Companies for Latinas for ten consecutive years.

    1. 2002
    2. 2003
    3. 2004
    4. 2005
    5. 2006
    6. 2007
    7. 2008
    8. 2009
    9. 2010
    10. 2011
  • 2003

    New York Life launches the Women's Leadership Project, a breakthrough program, designed to strengthen the corporate culture and enhance leadership development for women employees at all levels in the organization.

    1. 1997
    2. 1998
    3. 1999
    4. 2000
    5. 2001
    6. 2002
    7. 2003
    8. 2004
    9. 2005
    10. 2006
  • 2006-2008

    New York Life launches two websites focused on women. One provides information on job opportunities for women and information about careers in life insurance for women at all stages of professional development.

    The other promotes financial education for women with information geared to protecting their family, educating their children, managing finances, and securing their retirement.

    1. 2002
    2. 2003
    3. 2004
    4. 2005
    5. 2006
    6. 2007
    7. 2008
    8. 2009
    9. 2010
    10. 2011
  • 2009

    Kathy Davenport becomes the first female president of New York Life’s Agents Advisory Council, the group of New York Life agents that present agent viewpoints and issues to the company’s executive management.

    1. 2003
    2. 2004
    3. 2005
    4. 2006
    5. 2007
    6. 2008
    7. 2009
    8. 2010
    9. 2011
    10. 2012
  • 2012

    Jayshree Patel, becomes the company’s second female Council President. After joining the Company in 1997, she qualified for Council 15 consecutive years, Chairman's Council 14 times and Chairman's Cabinet 5 times. Jayshree was also the 2008 Council First Vice President in the West Central Zone. She is a Life Member of the Million Dollar Round Table.

    1. 2006
    2. 2007
    3. 2008
    4. 2009
    5. 2010
    6. 2011
    7. 2012
    8. 2013
    9. 2014
    10. 2015
  • 2013

    The company’s Women’s Leadership Program and NYL Investment Management’s Women’s Initiative for Success and Empowerment merge to launch The Women’s Initiative.

    Donna Ellsom LaCour, becomes the company’s second female Council Vice President.

    1. 2007
    2. 2008
    3. 2009
    4. 2010
    5. 2011
    6. 2012
    7. 2013
    8. 2014
    9. 2015
    10. 2016