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Guaranteed Income Annuities*

Secure your retirement with income for life. Guaranteed.

  • Enjoy a retirement paycheck for life
  • Start income now or later—it's up to you
  • Secure steady payments to help support your retirement

There are certain scenarios where you can get back a portion of your money in the event of an unexpected circumstance. However, access to money in this contract may be limited.

Variable Annuities**

Plan ahead and invest long-term for your retirement.

  • Invest in the market— tax deferred growth potential
  • Get a guaranteed death benefit + optional investment protection***
  • Start small and build along the way

Annual account fee, Mortality Expense and Administrative Fees, surrender charges (if applicable)****, and fees associated with selected investment options. Additional rider fees for additional options of investment protection and enhanced guaranteed death benefit.

Fixed Deferred Annuities**

Earn guaranteed growth of your retirement assets.

  • Rest easy with a fixed interest rate—guaranteed for an initial period
  • Grow your money tax-deferred
  • Protect your retirement assets, safely and securely

Surrender charges may apply****

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