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  • Making a difference in the African American community

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Helping you build, protect and preserve wealth now and for future generations

Today, as more and more African Americans are building wealth – creating assets to benefit their families, religious and social communities, businesses, educational institutions, and future generations — they are seeking knowledgeable professionals who can help them make sound financial decisions. New York Life agents in your community know how to provide personal solutions that benefit current and future generations – helping you to build, protect and preserve your assets.

For the African American community, the purpose for buying life insurance has certainly come a long way. Traditionally, families purchased small policies known as “burial insurance,” which barely covered the cost of a funeral. Today, people are buying significantly larger policies that provide financial security for a widowed spouse and help pay off debts and mortgages, fund college educations and weddings. Life insurance can even supply cash for business needs or down payments on a home.

In addition to life insurance, our retirement income products and investments can help you create financial stability now and in the future. If you want to fund a college education, build a retirement nest egg, generate capital for a business venture or create a legacy for a religious institution or a favorite charity, our agents can help you achieve your goal.

For more than 165 years, our company and agents have been helping families just like yours. We’d like the opportunity to help you, too.

The African American Community Empowerment Plan
  • Together we can create a legacy today that will live for generations. New York Life’s agents are committed to creating $50 billion of wealth in the African American community. We’ll do it by raising awareness about the important role life insurance can play in creating legacies.

    New York Life has more than 1,100 agents serving the African American community. Our agents are dedicated men and women who have pledged to help empower the African American communities they serve by touching the lives of 200,000 families, and illustrating for them how purchasing at least $250,000 of life insurance today will empower future generations. Here’s how it works:

    200,000 (families) x $250,000 (face amount) = $50 billion (future income)

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  • New York Life’s African American agents have a long-standing history of leadership and service dating back to 1957 when the company hired Cirilio A. McSween, the industry’s first African American agent.

    New York Life agents receive top-notch training and development through the company’s training program. In addition, we encourage and strongly support growth opportunities into management.

    New York Life has over 1,100 agents serving the African American communities around the country. By embracing the legacy of trailblazers that came before them, New York Life’s agents continue to lead the industry. As an agent with New York Life, you can help members of the African American community obtain the protection they need today, and help them build a better tomorrow, for their families and communities.

    If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, a career-driven mindset, aspire to significant goals, and have a passion for building and succeeding in your own practice, a career as an agent or manager at New York Life may be just the path you are looking for. EOE M/F/V/D

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