New York Life’s Wellness Report adds value

New York Life provides a Wellness Report to underwritten applicants, which can serve to educate about their lab results and ways to align a healthy lifestyle with this data.

This report provides test results from their recent underwriting exam and/or lab work. It offers tips for healthier food choices, exercise, and preventative screenings to discuss with the applicant’s primary physician. This value-added material is another step New York Life is taking towards integrated health and wellness information that consumers find important.


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The Wellness Report contains the following topics:

  • Medical Summary Report for your Doctor
  • Heart Health
  • Liver and Kidney Health
  • Pancreas Health
  • Physical Measures
  • Additional Health Insights
  • Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle
  • Guide to Making Healthier Food Choices
  • Health Resources Just for You
  • Exercise Tips and Tracking
  • Preventative Screenings

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