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Regulatory Disclosures

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NYLIFE Securities

SEC Rule 606 requires NYLIFE Securities to make publicly available quarterly reports on its order routing practices and disclose the nature of any relationship it has with venues to which it routes client orders.

NYLIFE Securities directs all trades in over-the-counter (OTC), listed stock, and options to our clearing firm, National Financial Services, LLC. (“NFS”), for execution. NYLIFE Securities has no direct relationship or arrangement with any venues to which client orders are routed.

NFS may receive compensation or other consideration (“payment for order flow”) for directing such orders to particular broker-dealers or market centers for execution. Payments for order flow may consist of any monetary or non-monetary compensation, remuneration, or consideration to the clearing firm in return for routing customer orders to a particular market or dealer. Payments may also include credits, rebates, or discounts against execution fees.

Held NMS Stock and Options Order Routing Public Report

4th Quarter, 2023

3rd Quarter, 2023

2nd Quarter, 2023

1st Quarter, 2023

4th Quarter, 2022

3rd Quarter, 2022

2nd Quarter, 2022

1st Quarter, 2022

4th Quarter, 2021

3rd Quarter, 2021

2nd Quarter, 2021

1st Quarter, 2021

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Risks associated with a given investment vehicle may result from a combination of possible sources. A prudent investor considers how sources of risk might affect potential investment vehicles.

While having a well diversified portfolio can mitigate some risks, some investments can be a particularly high risk venture. Such high risk investments include but are not limited to penny stocks, leveraged or inverse ETFs and options. While NYLIFE Securities does not recommend or endorse these specific types of investments, we would like to provide you with resources and tools that can provide you with additional detail on the risks of investing.

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Business Continuity and Recovery

Throughout our history, New York Life’s commitment to our clients has been paramount. We know we can only continue to fulfill our obligations as long as New York Life and its subsidiaries remain strong and vibrant, and able to protect your interests for the long term.

For this reason, we want to take this opportunity to inform you, our valued clients, about the steps we have taken to ensure that we will be able to continue our business operations, should a significant disruption occur in one of our business locations.