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Structured Settlements Victims of physical injury face a tough road.

A structured settlement is a negotiated settlement of a personal injury claim in which the defendant agrees to make periodic payments to the plaintiff. And while the road ahead after a personal injury is difficult enough, a structured settlement can help ease the burden. New York Life, a mutual life insurance company, has a long history of providing financial security and peace of mind to its customers for over 175 years.

In general, structured settlements may have some or all of these elements:

Guaranteed payments over a period of time.

Payments over a person's lifetime.

Security of a quality funding vehicle.

No exposure to the ups and downs of the market.

Periodic lump-sum payments.

Funds to pay college costs.

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A sensible solution at a difficult time.

A structured settlement can be just the right solution during tough circumstances. After surviving the initial trauma caused by an injury, some face the prospect of never being able to work again. Many will need continuous medical treatment or funds to cover college expenses for their children. Whatever the situation, all face a life that has been altered. But with a structured settlement, you can gain peace of mind knowing you and your family have options during a difficult time.

What can a Structured Settlement do for you?

Find out how a structured settlement with New York Life can help you manage through these difficult times.

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