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The promise in each Structured Settlement.

Encouraged by the U.S. Congress since 1983, structured settlements serve as an alternative to lump sum settlements by providing a secure, long-term stream of income tax-free payments tailored to meet the future needs of policyholders and payees. While these payments are often paid over many years and perhaps even for a lifetime, the premiums for the annuities funding the payments are paid at the time of settlement.

As a result, New York Life's management team has one overriding objective: to manage for the long-term by ensuring that the right decisions are made today, so that New York Life can continue to meet its obligations tomorrow and far into the future.

Parties to a structured settlement, therefore, receive a promise: a promise that the company responsible for their future payments will be there, strong and solvent, decades from now to pay its long-term obligations.

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