Staying Healthy at Work

Women working in the office

Learn more about what may be causing your discomfort at work, what you can do about it, and where to get help.

Why am I in pain at work?

If you go home at the end of your workday with aches, pains, strain, or tension, you’re not alone. Bad posture, how you move your body, doing the same motion over and over again—these workplace habits can lead to major discomfort.

NYL GBS Healthy Working Life vocational coaches help people experiencing challenges at work because of an injury or serious health condition. New York Life Group Benefit Solutions customers with an active disability claim can access the NYL GBS Healthy Working Life Program, which is comprised of highly trained coaches who provide guidance through counseling, ergonomic coaching, and specialized recommendations. Our coaches will work with you and your Human Resources team to identify the best way to help. If you are an NYL GBS customer, you can talk to your claim manager to learn more.

Pre-disability vocational services may also be provided to eligible NYL GBS customers who are at work with a serious health condition and in need of assistance to remain at work and be productive. If you are an NYL GBS customer and are enrolled in a disability plan, talk to your HR or disability benefits representative to learn if a referral may be made on your behalf.


What can I do about work-related pain?

Ergonomics is the process of looking at a workstation, job tools, and job tasks to make sure you can be more productive and comfortable while performing the tasks your occupation requires. Our coaches are specially trained experts in ergonomics and are ready to help.


How do I get back on track with my health and wellness?

Getting healthy and staying healthy starts by taking control. At New York Life Group Benefit Solutions, we have tools and services that can help.

Use NYL GBS Work Wellness resources to stay educated about your health and work life. Our resources will help you understand how a health condition can lead to a disability—something that impacts your ability to work—and how we can help you to adapt and return to productive work.

Other helpful services New York Life Group Benefit Solutions customers can access:1

  • NYL GBS Life Assistance Program—Offers work/life support and referrals to counseling and community services for life challenges of employees' and their household members
  • My Secure Advantage—A full-service financial wellness program that offers solutions to all types of personal financial challenges

1These programs are separate from your medical benefits. A discount program is NOT insurance, and you must pay the entire discounted charge. Some programs are not available in all states, and programs may be discontinued at any time. Participating providers are independent contractors solely responsible for any care or services provided.

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