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New York Life Absence AssistSM

Gain a collaborative partner to help ease employee burdens during stressful times, improve return-to-work outcomes, and enhance productivity. New York Life Group Benefit Solutions and our expert teams deliver a simpler, human-centered approach. 

You can depend on us for personalized clinical and vocational plans, and fully-connected services that provide cost savings and end-to-end coverage. 

It’s all designed to bring financial security and peace of mind. That’s how we’re Putting Benefits To Work For PeopleSM.

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Enriched offerings 

Simplify the benefit experience for you and your employees. Our integrated absence solution allows for a holistic approach to absence management, regardless of the applicable benefits or entitlements.



Solutions, services, and programs provide an integrated experience anytime employees are unable to work or be their most healthy, productive selves. 



Digital capabilities include a single, unified platform with intuitive self-service tools, making it easier for you and your employees to manage absences.



Seamless support from intake through return to work ensures your employees have an exceptional absence experience while consolidated notifications, reporting and analytics meet all of your data and workforce management needs.


Comprehensive solutions

Get a full suite of disability, leave and ADA capabilities to help meet regulatory leave requirements and your company-specific needs. 


Digital convenience

Digital capabilities include an easy-to-use portal that consolidates all absence activity for self-service options anytime, anywhere.


Caring guidance

Expert teams connect the dots across all your absence programs1 to provide the care, simplicity, and support employees deserve.

Absence Regulatory Guide

Stay up to date on critical absence topics and state legislation updates.

Smart Data Connectivity

Flexible options to integrate data into your existing HR system helps you accelerate HR processes, make employee enrollment easy and intuitive, and simplify absence and claim tracking.  New York Life Absence AssistSM uses smart connectivity to help employers make the most of their technology investments, starting with Workday®.


Customizable benefit options

A single absence manager connects-the-dots across all absence types1 while one portal powers your program needs.

Leave Administration

New York Life Group Benefit Solutions offers one stop for all things leave administration. We provide employers with simpler, more coordinated solutions to effectively manage Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) as well as other types of state- and employer-defined leaves - all tailored to your organization's leave policy needs to help keep employee productivity and engagement high.

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Group Disability Insurance

While the focus is to help employees remain healthy and prevent the need to be out of work on disability, New York Life Group Benefit Solutions offers disability insurance to provide income payment protection during an employee’s time of need.  When situations arise and a disabling illness or injury occurs, our expert claim managers and vocational coaches work together to help employees get back to their full potential as soon as possible, all while ensuring their financial wellbeing with the income protection provided in our group disability solutions.

This material and page is not intended for use with residents of New Mexico.

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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Support

New York Life Group Benefits Solutions provides you with end-to-end support throughout an employee's absence event.  Whether pre-disability, while an employee is absent from work, or during the return-to-work process, our ADA offering reduces compliance burdens and regulatory risks. The combination of our extensive experience, time-tested best practices, vocational/clinical expertise, and employer support line allows us to guide employers through the interactive process and through the effective implementation of accommodations.

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Leave Administration

Consultative experts can help you build a comprehensive program to meet federal and state regulatory compliance requirements and support your benefit strategy.  We’ll manage your employees’ time away from work while keeping workforce productivity on track with our coordinated services and a broad range of leave offerings: Family and Medical Leave Act2 (FMLA), state laws, company leave plans and Paid Family Medical Leave3 (PFL/PFML).

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Group Disability Insurance

New York Life Group Benefit Solutions disability insurance4 can support your employees’ financial security by providing income protection in the event of an injury or illness.  Keeping your workforce healthy is your primary focus – and ours. We identify at-risk employees and engage them sooner to help prevent or reduce future absence. If employees need to draw on their disability insurance, they have in-house clinical experts and vocational coaches to help get them back on their feet – and on the job – faster.

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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Services

A coordinated approach to managing ADA alongside your absence programs ensures efficient, reliable, and consistent experiences across every touchpoint. Our ADA Administration services are designed to help you improve employee experience, optimize outcomes, and keep your organization compliant. We offer two levels of service - giving you the ability to choose the level of engagement and support that works for your organization. Whether you need support with tracking and documentation or complete facilitation of the interactive process, we’re here to help.

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1All applicable programs that are administered by NYL GBS.

2For FMLA information, see

3Please consult applicable state websites for the most current state leave regulation information.

4This material and page are not intended for use with residents of New Mexico.

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Policy forms: Disability -TL-004700 et al.