Working Towards Successful Outcomes

An employee with disabilities on the job.

Effective ADA Accommodations 

Today's talent landscape demands a focus on inclusion. New York Life Group Benefits Solutions (NYL GBS) is working to help employers navigate the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) interactive process.  By embracing an interactive and collaborative approach, employers can enhance their understanding of diverse accommodation needs and strive for optimal outcomes that support both the employee's well-being and the organization's success.

The key lies in open communication. Our vocational coaches can bridge the gap, facilitating discussions between employees and employers to explore creative solutions that address employee needs while mitigating employer concerns.

Understanding employee needs and limitations is key. This might involve assessing a health condition, specific job duties, physical barriers in the workspace, or limitations on how tasks are typically completed. By acknowledging these challenges, employers can brainstorm effective accommodations.

Vocational coaches can be particularly helpful in this stage. Through open communication, they explore how these barriers affect the employee's ability to perform their job. They then collaborate with employers to generate solutions that overcome these obstacles and enable continued employment.

For instance, a vocational coach might suggest reassigning a nurse with auditory or verbal communication barriers to a team with less patient interaction, addressing both her needs and the hospital's safety concerns. In another scenario, a strengths-based approach for employees with ADHD can ensure they meet performance expectations. 

The key takeaway is fostering open communication throughout the process, documenting discussions, and leveraging available support networks. This collaborative approach allows employers to navigate the interactive process successfully.

We know it can be challenging for employers to manage ADA-related activity and compliance, so our ADA Administration Services focus on removing complexities and enabling consistent, reliable, and compliant outcomes.

Read how NYL GBS can support the ADA interactive process at your organization. 

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