Even greater insight into your disability plan

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Enhanced disability analytics are coming soon to myNYLGBS.

We’ve enhanced our disability analytics feature in myNYLGBS, to highlight claim trends and drivers, providing you with even more data and visibility into your disability program.1

By leveraging data-driven insights, you can create more effective and efficient disability management strategies that support your employees and contribute to a healthier, more productive workforce.

Our disability analytics enables you to view summary reports and key performance metrics by date, product type, and much more. Intuitive features and easy-to-interpret visuals make it easy to identify:

  • Claim usage, including total activity and average durations.
  • Overall program spend with insights into leading diagnostic incidence and cost drivers.
  • Your disability program performance, compared to industry peers.2

Explore this new tool now. 

1Disability Analytics will only be available for clients with a certain claim threshold. Reach out to your NYL GBS representative to learn more.

2Benchmarking data is available based on our book of business and your prior plan performance.