Filing Life Claims Just Got Easier.

Colleagues having a meeting

Our new digital claim intake is one more way we’re removing complexity from benefits. 

As part of our focus on delivering innovative and flexible solutions to make benefits easier, we built a new life claim intake system that enables a streamlined benefits experience for beneficiaries and employers.

This new claim intake enables:

  • A fully digital benefits experience for both the employer and beneficiary with a dual-claim initiation process. This means we will automatically send a notification to the employer if a beneficiary submits a claim, or a notification to the beneficiary if the employer initiates the claim process.
  • A streamlined collection of claim information and documentation, eliminating the typical back and forth between the employer and the beneficiary. 
  • Immediate email confirmation of the claim submission to the beneficiary, with an option to download the information they’ve submitted.
  • Automated follow-up if critical information is not completed within a specific timeframe, speeding up claim decisions. 
  • Connections for beneficiaries to support services and resources for coping with the loss of a loved one. 

Learn more or contact your NYL GBS representative to discuss.