Easier Absence Planning for You and Your Employees


Our new leave-planning tool is coming soon.

Navigating federal and state leave programs often poses a challenge due to the intricate nature of regulations and the complexity of eligibility criteria. A dizzying array of acronyms and the periodic adjustments to rules and regulations add extra layers of complexity—even for HR administrators who manage leave-of-absence programs each day.

As part of our continuing efforts to make benefits education easier for you and your employees, we’re building a leave-planning educational tool that will help employees identify their federal and state parental leave benefits and will also include a snapshot of how those benefits work together. By answering a few simple questions, employees will see a personalized view of their available benefits, which can educate and prepare them for their upcoming parental leave.

The first phase of this tool will cover parental leaves, but future iterations will address all types of leaves. Watch for the release of our new leave-planning tool later this spring.