Introducing our new voluntary benefits offering

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Our new voluntary benefits offering was designed with a specific purpose — to provide employees with valuable supplemental health insurance that covers more and is easy to use. 

Our team of benefits experts designed these solutions to work harder at helping reduce complexity for employers and enabling the outcomes they need.


Designed to fit.

Creating a tailored offering is easy with our flexibile plan options. We offer a variety of choices, such as funding options, benefit amounts and enhancements, ability to waive pre-existing condition limitations, along with other features to ensure a we build the right plan for you and your employees. In addition, our voluntary plans can be configured on most enrollment platforms or benefit administration systems.


Designed to cover more.

We want employees to get the most value for their benefit spend. Our supplemental health products cover critical healthcare events and treatments including mental health, doctor’s visits and telemedicine, infectious diseases like COVID-19, childhood diseases including autism, and more.


Designed for easy use.

Our new voluntary benefits are designed to be used, not forgotten. Proactive claim payments, medical claim integration, and a simple online claims experience ensures employees get the benefits they’re entitled to.

To learn more about our voluntary offering, reach out to your New York Life Group Benefit Solutions representative.