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We're committed to providing timely insights and expertise to help businesses and their employees be more financially protected and productive. Join us for ongoing conversations with thought leaders and industry experts about benefit programs, trends, and needs in the evolving absence and group insurance space.

Technology Trends: Transforming Employee Benefits Administration

(Runtime: 14:50)

We are in an era defined by change. With greater demands on employers and employees, the role of technology has evolved - not only for where and how work is performed, but also for the way it's transforming the overall benefit delivery experience.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How benefits technology has evolved over time
  • The key factors driving the future of benefits administration
  • How we can use technology to improve employer and employee experiences
  • Recommendations for how to maximize benefits technology for better outcomes

Previous episodes

Closing the Life Insurance Gap: Creating Financial Security for Families

(Runtime: 19:58)

In this episode we discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has heightened people’s focus around the importance of Life Insurance and creating financial security and protection for those they love.

Listen now to hear from industry experts on:

  • Life Insurance benefit options to consider
  • Employer best practices for keeping up with the evolving market
  • Practical ways to help employees better understand their benefits and become more financially secure

Workplace Disability Prevention: Mental Health

(Runtime: 16:13)

In this fifth episode of the Workplace Disability Prevention Series, we’re bringing light to mental health challenges in the workplace, including impacts from the pandemic and steps employers can take to reduce stigma and help employees be their most healthy, productive selves.

Workplace Disability Prevention: Musculoskeletal Disorders

(Runtime: 11:30)

In this five-part podcast mini-series, we’re discussing Workplace Disability Prevention and the important steps employers can take to help their employees stay healthy and productive at work. In this episode we take a look at musculoskeletal disorders, including how common and costly they really are.

Workplace Disability Prevention: Ergonomics

(Runtime: 11:46)

In this second part of the Workplace Disability Prevention Series, we’re discussing ergonomics and simple changes that employers and employees can make, whether at home or in the office, to create safer workplace environments.

Workplace Disability Prevention: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accommodations

(Runtime: 11:14)

For the third episode in our Workplace Disability Prevention Series, we’re not only discussing the Americans with Disabilities Act as an important piece of civil rights legislation but also how reasonable accommodations cost employers far less than they might imagine.

Workplace Disability Prevention: Migraines

(Runtime: 09:27)

In our fourth episode of the Workplace Disability Prevention Series, we’re diving into migraines and the headache they can cause not only for employees but also for employers and their bottom line if left untreated.

Supporting the Sandwich Generation: Solutions for the Caregiving Crisis

(Runtime: 20:23)

The pandemic has spurred permanent changes for us all — including how we view care across generations. In this episode we examine New York Life’s recent findings on the evolving state of the sandwich generation, including:

  • Understanding the caregiver role
  • Short- and long-term implications to employees' finances and well-being
  • How employers can best care for their caregivers

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