Paid Family Leave

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Employee and Manager Responsibilities

New York  

Employee Obligations

  • Give your employer 30 days advance notice for a foreseeable leave, and provide information regarding the qualifying event and the timing and duration of leave.
  • Provide proof to back up your paid family leave (PFL) claim:
    • Medical certification from a healthcare provider may be required for PFL taken to care for a family member.
    • Certifications for a qualifying military exigency may take the form of a copy of active-duty orders or similar documentation.
    • Proof of eligibility for bonding leave may include birth certificates, adoption papers, or letters of foster placement.
    • FMLA or other medical information may also be used to approve PFL.
    • Proof is due within 30 days after the commencement of leave.

Employer obligations 

  • Identify New York employees.
  • Include PFL guidance in your employee handbook.
  • Distribute written PFL guidance to employees.
  • Display PFL notice(s).
  • Upon receipt of a request for family leave from an employee, you must complete the employer information within the PFL-1 form and return the form to the employee within three business days.
  • Be prepared to provide New York Life Group Benefit Solutions with an employee’s average weekly wage for benefit calculation.
  • Be familiar with the Paid Family Leave Law. In addition to benefit payments, the law requires you to continue employees’ medical insurance coverage during their leaves and to reinstate their employment upon leave termination.


Effective date

Benefit % of employees' average weekly wage

Maximum benefits duration



8 weeks



10 weeks



10 weeks



12 weeks

The state-mandated community rate (0.511% of employees’ average weekly wage to a maximum of the statewide average weekly salary) will be added as a separate line item on Disability Benefits Law billing. Since the PFL benefit is designed to be 100% employee-funded, premium contributions may be deducted from employees’ pay checks. However, employers have the option to pay the premium themselves rather than take contributions from their employees. For more information click here.

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