What to Expect During the Disability Claims Process

If you’ve filed a disability claim, find out the steps we take to make a decision.

After you file a disability claim, we stay in regular contact with you throughout the review process. Our goal is to keep you informed, so you’ll know when you can expect to receive your disability payment and what you can do if your claim is denied.

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Claim Manager

Depending on the nature of your claim, your disability claim manager may call you within 24 to 72 hours. The claim manager will confirm the information that you and your employer have provided and explain what will happen next.

Contacting Your Employer

In some situations, your claim manager may need to contact your employer to confirm your first day of absence from work, ask about your job duties, and discuss general issues about returning to work. We will not share your medical information with your employer.

Pending Claim

While you wait for us to evaluate your claim, it is considered “pending.”

During this pending time, your claim manager will be working with your health care provider to gather the information we need to make a decision regarding your claim. You can help by encouraging your doctor to respond quickly to the information requests.

Notify us as soon as possible if there are any changes that may affect your disability.

Claim Decisions

We will communicate claim decisions via your choice of letter, email, or text. We will let your employer know the claim decision and your expected return-to-work date. If you are unable to return on that date, please notify your claim manager as soon as possible.

If your claim is approved, we will communicate your disability start date, the date through which your disability is approved, and your payment information, including the amount and frequency of payments.

If your claim is denied, we will explain why and tell you how you can appeal the decision.

Family Medical Leave

You may be eligible for family medical leave or other job protection benefits even if your claim is denied. You can refer to our communications and/or your employer for additional details.

If you would like more information and answers to the most common questions about Group Disability, visit Disability FAQs.

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