Unclaimed funds finder: Q&A.

Finding unclaimed funds or abandoned property.

Did New York Life remit your unclaimed funds (abandoned property) to the state? Use New York Life’s unclaimed funds finder.

At New York Life Insurance Company, we make our best effort to keep in touch with our policyholders and update our address records. Sometimes we become separated from our policyholders and their beneficiaries, usually because we haven't been notified of a name or address change. When the owner of the funds cannot be located. New York Life is required to remit the unclaimed funds to the appropriate state in accordance with abandoned property laws. However, New York Life is committed to reuniting funds with their rightful owners and has developed the Unclaimed funds finder where you can search for funds remitted to the states that may be owed to you or a member of your family.

To search, fill out as much information as possible. Partial entries are acceptable for last name and city. If you don't know the city, zip code, or state, leave the field(s) blank.

If you find your name in the unclaimed funds finder, you can contact the state to be reimbursed. Select a state website link below to make a claim for funds remitted to the state.

Frequently asked questions.

  1. What are unclaimed funds?

    Unclaimed funds are financial assets that are payable to individuals with whom the financial institution has lost contact. There are different dormancy periods for remitting funds to a state, but generally, it is three to five years after contact with the owner has been lost. 

    Types of unclaimed funds include:

    • Uncashed checks (dividends, premium refunds, as a result of customer overpayment, payroll checks, etc.)
    • Insurance benefits/policies
    • Health benefit payments
    • Trust funds
    • Estate proceeds
  2. How do I find out if New York Life remitted unclaimed funds to the state on my behalf?

    Search for your name on the New York Life unclaimed funds finder; it is updated once a year in July, with records escheated to the states in the prior calendar year.

    If you find your name on New York Life’s unclaimed funds finder, your funds were sent to the state of your last known address or that of the insured. Next, select the state from the state links above. This will bring you to the state’s unclaimed property website. You can then follow the state’s instructions for filing a claim.

  3. How can I find out the dollar amount of the funds?

    To protect the confidentiality of the owner, we do not disclose specific unclaimed funds dollar amounts. Once you submit your claim with the state, you will be informed by the state of the dollar amount.

  4. Is there a time limit for claiming unclaimed funds held by the state?

    The states act as the custodians of the property that has been deemed abandoned. Generally, there is no time limit to claim these funds from the state, but it is best to check the state’s specific guidelines.

  5. When I make a claim from the state, how long will it take to obtain my funds?

    Claims processing times vary from state to state. A claim submitted to the state generally takes from 30 to 180 days to get processed.

  6. What if the owner listed is deceased?

    States have different requirements for processing claims. Generally, you will be required to provide documentation such as a death certificate, letters of testamentary, proof of the account owner's connection with the last known address, etc.

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