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If you’re investing for the future, when’s the right time to consult a financial advisor? Financial advisors affiliated with our registered investment adviser, Eagle Strategies LLC, are always ready to discuss your financial needs and help you create a comprehensive strategy to maximize your wealth.

How your Eagle Strategies advisor can help you

Eagle Strategies provides well-thought-out financial planning and analysis, investment management services, and retirement planning to put you on a clear path toward achieving your financial goals.

Holistic approach

Our advisors see wealth management as a dynamic, ongoing process that adapts to changes in your life or the market and a holistic one that considers all aspects of your life

Personal relationship

After you connect with your advisor, they’ll learn your short- and long-term goals, create a road-map just for you, and stay connected to track your progress toward achieving your goals

Meaningful credentials

We are a registered investment adviser (RIA), so we put your interests first, and a wholly owned subsidiary of New York Life Insurance Company, which has helped people achieve their financial goals for 175+ years

Many solutions to help grow your net worth and your confidence about the future 

Fund advisory program

Helps you meet your investment goals efficiently and effectively through a broadly diversified portfolio of mutual funds and/or exchange traded funds  (ETFs), all in one investment account 

Separately managed account (SMA)

A customized strategy of individual securities managed in a portfolio on your behalf by a professional asset manager

Rep-directed program

Managed by your financial advisor, these portfolios typically encompass a mix of mutual funds and/or exchange traded funds (ETFs)

Unified managed account (UMA)

Combines several strategies from the other programs in a single account, with a professional coordinating your portfolio (may include stocks, bonds, SMAs, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds)

Common questions about working with a financial advisor

You don’t need to be wealthy to benefit from wealth management. Our financial advisors are well-trained to help people from many different backgrounds with a wide range of financial goals. Together, you will create an investment strategy  that fits within your current budget and helps you make progress toward your financial goals.

It all depends on your needs, which we’ll help you identify. Your advisor can provide guidance in diverse financial areas, including protection, retirement , investment, and estate planning needs. We have the knowledge and skills to help you create a strategy to help you reach your financial goals. We put your interests first and continue to guide you through life changes and unexpected circumstances. Connect with a financial advisor  to learn more about the ways they can help you build and manage wealth.

Every situation is different, so connect with a financial advisor  to see how we can help you. In addition to wealth management, New York Life’s family of companies offers a range of solutions for life and supplemental insurance, investments, and retirement income —and we can help you manage everything together.

Yes, there is usually a fee associated with these services. Connect with a financial advisor to see if those fees make sense for you and what type of guidance is right for your planning needs. We can provide guidance and help you explore all your options.



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How could a financial advisor help you?

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1Not all Eagle advisors offer these programs.