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ADVISORY SERVICES Ongoing support and guidance based on your needs

Even if your finances feel complicated, we can help you address them holistically and plan for your future. Many of our financial professionals (possibly including one who you’re working with now) are advisors who can guide you through managing investments, planning an estate, or running a small business.

Our advise is based on professional experience

We have the expertise to support people from all backgrounds and life stages so that they can manage and protect their businesses and families and help them prosper.

Professional insight

You’ll be matched with an advisor who has extensive training in your area of focus and has access to internal specialists on specific topics

Personal touch

We’ll work closely with you, and anyone else who advises you, to help you address your personal and sophisticated financial needs

Flexible strategy

We know your financial needs are unique and may change over time, so we’ll re-evaluate your plan on a regular basis and are available whenever you need us

Several areas of financial advice, depending on your needs

Common questions about advisory services

Our advisory services, offered through Eagle Strategies, a registered investment advisor, can coordinate everyone involved in planning your finances and/or managing your business. We also bring our own expertise in insurance , wealth management, estate planning, and small business to help ensure that your personal strategy is complete. We believe that planning for your future should include both protecting what matters and finding ways to help you prosper.  

When we provide guidance, we look at what you want for your future and then discuss ways to make it a reality. We can help you develop a financial investment strategy, plan your estate  (including guidance on whether you need a will or other documents) and, if you have one, help your small business) to thrive. If you also have insurance coverage or financial products with New York Life, your dedicated advisor will provide holistic advice on all you assets.

Yes. Our advisors help both individuals and small business owners. If you’re looking for guidance in both areas of your life, we can match you with a professional who has exactly the expertise you need.

Our advisory services are customizable to your individual needs. Fees vary, depending on the type of assistance you need and the level of service we provide. Connect with an advisor for personalized quotes, guidance, and answers to your questions.

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Our advisors will help you identify your needs and goals