New York Life is the leading corporate funder of childhood bereavement support.

For families

Family is a powerful force for healing after loss. By their continued presence, parents and caregivers can help children adapt to loss with meaningful and supportive communication, resilience building, and planning for the future.

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For schools

Teachers and counselors play a vital role in childhood development. That's why New York Life invest in tools and resources to support school communities in addressing, recognizing and supporting bereaved students and their families.

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For communities

All of us can play a part in supporting grieving children, teens and adults. New York Life invests in programs and resources that are accessible to all in an effort to foster a more grief-sensitive culture.

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Mom walking with son

Speaking grief

Speaking Grief is a public media initiative aimed at creating a more grief-aware society by validating the experience of grievers and helping to guide those who wish to support them. The documentary was produced by WPSU and funded by the New York Life Foundation and features candid interviews with families whose losses include stillbirth, suicide and more.

Free materials.

Order brochures and helpful tools to share with schools, communities and families.

Illustration from the Golden Sweater book series.

Kai’s Journey

The Kai's Journey Series is a story that follows a boy named Kai and his mother as they deal with a profound loss in their family. An extension of the Foundation’s mission, this narrative provides a powerful example for children and families looking to understand and process grief.

Grief-Sensitive Schools Initiative

Resources to help build a community's resilience.

Doctors putting on protective gear.

They protect our families. So let’s protect theirs.

Those on the front lines of this pandemic are acting on their love to protect families and save lives. In response, the New York Life Foundation partnered with Cigna Foundation to create the Brave of Heart Fund (the Fund) powered by E4E; honoring healthcare workers and volunteers who go to hospitals and medical facilities every day, knowingly putting themselves in harm's way while working with COVID-19 positive patients. The Fund  provides support to families of frontline healthcare works and healthcare volunteers who lost their lives fighting COVID-19.

Doctors putting on protective gear.