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New York Life is the leading corporate provider of childhood bereavement support.

Link directly to these resources for immediate help.

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Featured Links

Support and resources:

National Bereavement Resource Guide: State by State Bereavement Listing
A list of each state's bereavement organizations to support bereaved children and their families.

After A Loved One Dies: How Children Grieve, and Adults Can Support Them
This booklet explains how children grieve and how parents and other caring adults can help them understand death better.

Coalition to Support Grieving Students
The Coalition has created and is sharing a set of industry-endorsed resources that will empower school communities across America in the ongoing support of their grieving students.

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Surveys, Infographics, & Research

Surveys, Infographics, & Research
Below are highlights of our research, surveys, and opinion polls.

New York Life Grief Survey: Key Findings

Childhood Grief: A Pervasive Problem

Judi’s House: Childhood Bereavement Estimation Model

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Additional Resources

For Families
Articles to help assist in the healing process.

For School Communities
Programs and resources to support school communities and grieving students.

For All Communities
Resources to help build a community's resilience.

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Free Printed Materials

Order brochures and helpful tools to share with schools, communities and families.


Our goal: 1,000 “Grief-Sensitive Schools” by 2020.

1 in 15 will lose a parent or sibling by the time they are 18.

Through our Grief Sensitive School Initiative (GSSI), the New York Life Foundation will train thousands of New York Life employees and agents to give presentations about grief in schools and provide grants to support schools as they strive to become more grief-sensitive. They’ll serve as GSSI ambassadors to help raise educators’ awareness of grief’s impact on school-age children, and direct them to free online resources, including a state-by-state guide to local grief organizations and camps.

Supporting grieving children when they need it most.

Speaking about the death of a loved one helps the healing process.

New York Life Foundation

Talking about it is one of the best things you can do… Crying together is so much better than crying alone.

13-year-old Olivia Evans sits down with her mom Sasha at the Tristesse Grief Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma to talk about the death of her dad Ernie and what she’s learned through her grief journey. She reinforces what a difference it makes to talk with others about her loss.

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