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New York Life’s dedicated online resource for bereaved families and those who want to support them.

New York Life is the leading corporate funder of childhood bereavement support.

Helping families in times of grief is at the heart of our Foundation’s mission, and our research has shown that families who lose a loved one wish they had more resources and support available to them. In an effort to address this gap, we have developed this dedicated online grief resource which offers articles, expert tips, personal stories and local resources for families, educators and community members.

Today, more than ever, children are witnesses to a world filled with tragedy and loss. Young people can and do experience the death of parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, and teachers. As caregivers, teachers, and all concerned adults, we need to be prepared with an arsenal of information and guidance that can help bereaved children and their families make sense of this life-altering change. The New York Life Foundation stands on the frontlines of this effort by offering accessible resources to families, communities and the public to help build and support resilient families.

Resources For Families

Explore resources related to important issues addressed by the New York Life Foundation, including education, workforce engagement, bereavement, COVID-19 and more.

Grief-Supportive Workplace Initiative

Supporting employees through grief is crucial for maintaining their well-being and productivity. Access our training modules and resources to build more compassionate and inclusive workplace grief support.

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The Hidden Pain National Clearinghouse

The Hidden Pain National Clearinghouse is a unique resource designed to support COVID-bereaved children and their remaining caregivers, and includes resources about grief services and support groups, information on organizations that provide support and guidance and links for applicable state and federal financial assistance programs. The Hidden Pain platform was launched by the COVID Collaborative in partnership with the New York Life Foundation in response to the 200,000 children who have lost a parent or other in-home caregiver to COVID-19, based on data as of late February 2022. This is 1 in every 360 children in the country.

Judi’s House partners with the New York Life Foundation

Childhood grief profoundly impacts our communities. The mission of Judi’s House is to help children and families grieving a death find connection and healing. In partnership with the New York Life Foundation, Judi’s House has developed the Childhood Bereavement Estimation Model (CBEM) to better understand the extent of the issue.

The CBEM approximates rates of U.S. children and youth who will experience the death of a parent or sibling by the time they reach adulthood. Looking at this data alongside the 775 sites serving bereaved children nationwide can help communities evaluate the impacts of unaddressed grief and campaign for grief resources, ultimately contributing to improved outcomes for grieving families everywhere.

Download this map for more CBEM data and sites serving bereaved children.

Free downloadable resources.

After A Loved One Dies

This booklet explains how children grieve and the ways parents and other caring adults can help them understand death better.


English version
Spanish version

Supporting our Students

Communication is the heart and soul of this work with bereaved children and their families. When teachers help initiate the conversations, they help children gain the skills and confidence to continue them with others.


Download here

Kai's Journey Series

The Kai's Journey Series is a story that follows a boy named Kai and his mother as they deal with a profound loss in their family. An extension of the Foundation’s mission, this narrative provides a powerful example for children and families looking to understand and process grief.


Download the full series here

Supporting our Students

These wallet size tip cards offer valuable advice on how to speak with children who have experienced the death of a loved one.


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Spanish version

Grief-Sensitive Schools Initiative

Resources to help build a community's resilience.

Empathy is here to support you for the journey ahead

New York Life has partnered with Empathy to help you through the practical and emotional challenges following a loss. Download the award-winning Empathy app to connect with dedicated Care Managers and explore grief resources and time-saving tools for you and your family.1

Empathy App

Personalized guidance

Get a care plan that’s tailored to your and your family’s unique needs, offering step-by-step guidance through any challenge you may be facing.

Tools for coping

Everyone experiences grief differently. No matter what you are going through, Empathy offers emotional support resources to get you through your hardest days.

Dedicated human support

A team of expert Care Managers is by your side with compassionate and practical supporting, helping you manage and coordinate your tasks.

1Empathy is not affiliated with New York Life and provides this service at no cost to you.