Grief-Supportive Workplace Initiative

Grief affects us wherever we are, including at work. New York Life Foundation’s Grief-Supportive Workplace Initiative offers resources, inclusive practices, and suggested policies that help companies build compassionate bereavement support for employees while maintaining business productivity.

Tailored training and resources

For many years we've been dedicated to supporting families, communities, and schools in grieving the loss of loved ones, and we continue to expand this effort to address grief in the workplace. Our initiative provides free grief-supportive training modules and complementary grief communications tools and templates.

For those grieving

Learn practical strategies for navigating grief and recognizing its impact and discover local resources that can support your needs.

For colleagues and managers

Understand what grief is (or isn’t), how to support co-workers through grief, and how to navigate the death of an employee.

For business leaders

Understand the business case for providing employees with expanded bereavement leave and empathetic, inclusive grief support and training.

Join the initiative

Pledge to join us in cultivating a Grief-Supportive Workplace that fosters a culture of empathy and understanding and prioritizes workplace well-being. 

Employers and business leaders

Strive to understand the complexity of loss, offer flexibility for bereaved colleagues, and ensure an emphasis on equity.


Strive to foster a compassionate and supportive workplace that acknowledges the unique experiences of bereaved colleagues.

Why workplace grief support?

By integrating holistic grief support into the workplace, companies can offer essential resources to employees right where they need them most. 


of employed adults would be interested in voluntary grief support training at work


of employed adults would be proud to work somewhere publicly committed to being grief-supportive

If a company can do the right thing and help an employee regain their productivity and regain their sense of belonging and balance after a tragedy like the death of a loved one, that speaks to the company's long-term future. It shows that they're investing in their people. "


Bereaved employee

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