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Bereavement and education research

To better understand the effect that loss has on children, the New York Life Foundation has conducted a series of polling initiatives. You can find detailed breakdowns of our research, as well as summaries of key findings.





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Infographics and charts

As part of our polling and survey projects, we have compiled a series of quick infographics to help you understand the scope of our work.


Additional research

The New York Life Foundation collaborates and engages with partners to elevate our focus areas: bereavement and educational enhancement, Read about latest research and surveys in these areas.

Quick Numbers


80% of Americans have experienced the loss of a close friend or relative – however, only 46% knew where in their community to turn for help.


Only 25% of children who had lost a parent said that their school was well prepared to help them.


68% of people said it would have been easier to cope with their grief if society were more open to talking about death and loss.


Only a minority of Americans (43%) have taken steps to prepare for their death, including purchasing life insurance.