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Grant Opportunities Providing philanthropic leadership in the communities we serve

We are dedicated to engaging with the communities where we live and work—most often in direct alignment with our overall grantmaking concentration areas, childhood bereavement and educational enhancement.

Our local grants, Grief Reach and Aim High, are extensions of our national initiatives. They reach new partners each year, as the need for resources for grieving children and the desire to make the most of out-of-school hours grows.


Local engagement is at the heart of our philanthropy and to that end, we support our employees and agents with grant opportunities where they have the most passion.

Our Grief-Sensitive Schools Initiative

When it comes to grief support at school, many educators feel underprepared to help. In fact, according to a recent survey by the New York Life Foundation and American Federation of Teachers, ninety-two percent of educators think that there should be a greater focus on training educators to support grieving students, and ninety-one percent say that they personally would be interested in participating in bereavement training offered through their school or district.

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