2017 Bereavement partners list

The grant supports the 9/11 Memorial Art Cart: Activities for Kids, which creates educational programs for intergenerational audiences accessible on the 9/11 Memorial Plaza for the first time. Children and families will now have the opportunity to participate in self-guided explorations and art activities, written in age-appropriate language. These activities will help children discover the stories and symbolism behind the 9/11 Memorial and the rebuilt World Trade Center Site.

This grant supports the Scholastic Art and Writing Award for young people who submit artworks exploring their experiences with the death of a close loved one; online exhibitions of the winning works; and summer workshops. In addition, six students will be selected for the New York Life Award, a national recognition that acknowledges students who have experienced the death of a close loved one and who have explored that loss in their creative work. Each student will receive a $1,000 scholarship through the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

This grant supports the pilot and development of a resilient parenting program, which seeks to help community-based bereavement agencies improve long-term positive outcomes for bereaved children and parents.

This grant will help establish and pilot the GIFT Network that will focus on developing and validating bereavement- and grief-informed assessment tools (screening, intake forms and evaluation scales) for bereaved youth.

This grant supports their “Be There” program, which helps Club members cope with loss, death and grief by fostering a culture of wellness across all Clubs. It will also enable BGCA to build the Ready, Set, Action program, a strength-based curriculum developed by the PEAR Institute: Partnerships in Education and Resiliency that builds Club members’ competence and resilience.

This grant supports camps for children who have suffered the death of a parent, sibling, or other beloved person.

Growth Philanthropy Network/Social Impact Exchange

This grant supports the 2017 and 2018 Social Impact Exchange conference and provides in-depth nonprofit assessments for bereavement grantees.

This grant supports the Comprehensive Grief Care Research Initiative. The Initiative will create an accurate, first-of-its-kind measure of the estimated number of children who are affected by death in a geographic region, as well as tools for assessing children’s adjustment (cognitive, behavioral, academic, and interpersonal) over time after experiencing a significant death.

This grant supports NAGC’s ongoing educational programming for members and other professionals who work with bereaved youth and families, including NAGC’s annual symposium. In addition, NAGC helps administer the Grief Reach RFP, our grant program to fund local bereavement organizations to expand their services and increase access for underserved and diverse children.

This grant supports the Outward Bound for Grieving Teens program. Outward Bound for Grieving Teens combines the traditional Outward Bound immersive wilderness experience with grief processing activities to help bereaved teens work through the grieving process in order to move forward.

This grant supports StoryCorps to develop new content, tools, and training resources to help bereavement service providers use the power of stories and StoryCorps to help children cope with the death of a parent, sibling, or loved one.

This grant supports their development of a digital tool to help promote resilience in grieving families. This tool will feature motivators for engagement, a distribution component, and a social space where families can share their experiences, ask and answer questions, and access self-assessment and referral materials.

This grant supports its Camp Erin National Bereavement Camps, which support children who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling, or caregiver, as well as their National Bereavement Camp Conference and the National Bereavement Resource Guide.

This grant supports their national Military Survivor Seminars for adults and Good Grief Camps for children who are coping with the death of a loved one who was serving in the military. The grant also provides scholarship support for families and mentors attending the camps.