Absence Prevention

EAP as an Absence Prevention Tool

An employee assistance program (EAP) is a confidential resource that can help you and your employees identify and resolve problems and remain productive at work. EAP representatives typically can help find counseling services to overcome specific problems or provide directions to a variety of community and online resources. Most programs provide face-to-face counseling sessions with a specialist.

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EAP can be used to help prevent a covered disability or absence

Referrals to EAP before behavioral health-related issues worsen to the point that they lead to absences are the best way to prevent future disability claims. Some examples of how EAP can help prevent disability absences include:

  • Early intervention by EAP support specialists for undiagnosed issues, such as substance abuse or depression, can help prevent unscheduled absences or disabilities.
  • Employees can better balance work and life responsibilities with the extensive support provided by the program, which helps keep employees focused on work while on the job.
  • EAP services save time by providing employees with information, research, and qualified referrals to help address childcare, senior care, legal issues, and financial issues.

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