Absence Prevention

Preventing Workplace Absence

Man using power tools

Workplace ergonomics can help employees avoid absences

Ergonomics is the science of looking at a workstation, job tools, and job tasks to make sure they’re safe and efficient. The goal is to make sure workers have what they need to do their jobs well and stay healthy. Because every person and every job is different, it’s important to examine each person individually.

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Stay-at-work programs

While not all disabilities can be predicted or averted, managers who focus accommodation efforts solely on employees who are returning to work after a covered disability can miss a key opportunity to have a positive impact on reducing disability and maintaining a productive workforce. That opportunity is through a stay-at-work program. 

Stay-at-work programs involve many of the same activities as return-to-work programs, with the biggest difference being the timing of those activities. Stay-at-work interventions are designed to help employees avoid disability-related absences in the first place, whereas return-to-work interventions help ease employees back into the workforce after a disability absence.

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