Focusing on you pays dividends.

And in 2018, it will pay off to the tune of $1.78 billion.

There’s a good reason why New York Life remains a mutual life insurance company. It’s the same reason why we operate a diversified business model, and why we maintain a conservative, long-term focus.


As a mutual life insurer, the decisions we make are for the long-term benefit of our policy owners. That’s because we answer to our clients, not shareholders. And so far, that approach has worked pretty well. In fact, we’ve paid dividends1 to eligible participating policy owners for 164 consecutive years, and our 2018 dividend payout is expected to be $1.78 billion—the largest in our history. That makes a lot of happy policy owners which, for us, is the greatest dividend of all.

Why dividends matter. 
Dividends can be used to build the value of your policy, or may even be an important source of income and savings. Policy owners can choose from four options when a dividend is declared:

  • Taken as cash to help meet your existing financial needs.
  • Applied to your premium payments to reduce your out of pocket costs.
  • Deposited with New York Life where they can earn interest.2
  • Used to purchase more life insurance—with no additional underwriting. 

This last option is popular with our policy owners because it’s an easy way to give yourself more protection—and continue to build financial security. You see, if you receive a dividend and you purchase more insurance with it, that insurance is then eligible to receive dividends, so you’re adding benefit on top of benefit.

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Where dividends come from. 
As a mutual company, we aim to pay the highest-possible annual dividend, while maintaining our financial strength for current and future policy owners. In addition to our strong core life insurance operations, New York Life’s other businesses contribute to our financial strength. Our dividend payout reflects the growth of our participating life business and contributions from our diversified lines of business.

What dividends can do for you.
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A Fortune 100 company3 run for the benefit of policy owners? 
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