New York Life’s Alex Cook discusses company’s continuing AI adoption. 

New York Life | January 10, 2024

Head of Strategic Capabilities tells Computerworld that AI will reboot hiring, training, and change management.

Alex Cook

Computerworld recently featured New York Life’s Head of Strategic Capabilities Alex Cook in a Q&A profile titled “New York Life exec says AI will reboot hiring, training, change management.” Over the course of the in-depth conversation, Cook addressed New York Life’s ongoing artificial intelligence (AI) adoption and how Generative AI is changing the company’s approach to internal skill needs and hiring.

Discussing New York Life’s current uses of AI and future opportunities, Cook highlighted the importance of building out AI capabilities that will truly make a difference, particularly when it comes to delivering increasingly seamless experiences for New York Life’s policy owners and agents, and effectively managing change, governance, and scenario planning.

Cook pointed to the November 2022 ChatGPT launch as a pivotal moment in terms of recognizing the potential of these new AI approaches to deliver significance enhancements in areas where the company had largely been experimenting previously. He explained, "It’s a bit like the analogy of the frog in boiling water. If you put the frog in and slowly turn up the heat, it doesn’t realize how much is happening. That’s a bit of what’s happening in the AI context. It had been slowly advancing for a long time, but then it took a big step forward and with that there was a recognition — a moment had arrived that was worthy of reassessing the scope of what was feasible."

Acknowledging the critical nature of both external hiring and internal training for New York Life to have the necessary AI skills, Cook mentioned a strong focus on training opportunities for professionals across the company to upskill when it comes to AI and to have a role in its development across New York Life

At the same time, he noted, "We really do need human engagement and empathy. I think that’s something we definitely see with our agents and advisors. Their roles may change to become even more relationship driven. It will be similar with our service reps as their jobs become much more focused on ensuring the client or agent is holistic and on becoming more forward thinking in delivering the right experiences."

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