Jill Tigner and Mike Venable have been able to use their Whole Life insurance policy to cover their medical and living expenses, thanks to the Living Benefits Rider.

Mike Venable is feeling particularly grateful for all the blessings he received in the past ten years, both big and small.

That’s because he’s been living with a rare cancer much longer than anyone could have predicted. It hasn’t been easy.

At first, he and his wife Jill Tigner kept up with medical expenses and their household bills—that is, until they couldn’t keep up. They didn’t know where to turn.

"This New York Life experience opened our lives back up.
We can now spend more energy on love and purpose, and
less on fear and anxiety."

Jill Tigner and Mike Venable taking a walk

Jill and Mike meet regularly with their New York Life professional, who reminded them about a rider they had on their Whole Life policy. It has made all the difference to them.

Like many people Mike and Jill had assumed their life insurance would benefit only the survivors of someone who has died. But life insurance can often be an important financial resource before a death. In this case, Mike and Jill had opted into the Living Benefits Rider (LBR) in their New York Life policy. The rider allows a policy owner with

a terminal illness to access their death benefits while still living.

They had forgotten all about the LBR. Fortunately, a few years after his diagnosis, Mike and Jill were meeting with their local financial professional for a routine review of his New York Life policy. Jeff Hudson knew his client was ill, but didn’t realize just how dire his financial situation had become.

Jeff reminded the couple of a seemingly minor decision they’d made to add the LBR at no cost. Mike and Jill were stunned and relieved to learn they could tap into Mike’s death benefits. Suddenly, they were able to manage their expenses.

“I had no idea that [the LBR] could have such an impact on somebody’s life,” Jeff said.

The LBR provided more than financial relief. “I noticed a change in Mike’s tone, his emotional state,” says Mike’s oncologist and friend, Andrew Pippas. “It’s been a great thing for him and Jill, just to focus on getting well, and not worry about finances.”

Mike agrees. “This New York Life experience opened our lives back up. We can now spend more energy on love and purpose, and less on fear and anxiety.”

“My approach is holistic,” Jeff Hudson says, adding that he always recommends that his clients opt in to the LBR. “We don’t assume the worst is going to happen, but life changes.”

Mike is continuing with his expensive treatment. And he still works on their small business in the Chatahoochee Valley of Central Georgia. And most importantly, he has lived to see many family milestones.

“We are living in a very joyful place, and New York Life has been a key ingredient in that joy.”

The experience of the people described in this material may not be representative of the experiences of other clients. Experiences obtained by these people are not indicative of the future experiences that may be obtained. Certain conditions must be met to exercise policy riders.

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