Playing offense with life insurance

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Taking risks is a natural part of life, but when it comes to your financial future, risks carry real-world consequences that can significantly impact your financial security. That’s why playing offense in finance requires balancing risk and reward – and in the right situations, life insurance can be the perfect solution. Adopting a defensive strategy with life insurance can mitigate risks by paying off debts, covering future expenses, serving as income replacement, and covering final expenses. On the offensive side, life insurance can contribute to wealth accumulation, generate tax-efficient income, aid in legacy/estate planning, and ensure business continuity.

This whitepaper explores how life insurance serves as both a defensive shield against risk and an offensive tool for strategic planning. It delves into the various living benefits offered by life insurance and describes strategies for leveraging cash value life insurance during your lifetime.

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Playing Offense with Life Insurance article by Steve Parrish

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