Protect your employee’s ability to earn paychecks with disability insurance.

Imagine how difficult it would be if an employee unexpectedly couldn’t work. Could they afford to take a few weeks off? What about a few months or even a year? Seventy percent of Americans would find it difficult to meet their current financial obligations if their next paycheck was delayed for just one week.* Group Disability Insurance from New York Life pays a portion of their salary if they must take time off work for a limited period due to disability.

This coverage can include employees, executives, and business owners. Plus, we have different premium payment options that could offer tax benefits to business owners or voluntary plans with no direct costs to employers. Here are the options:

a. Employer paid - 100% of the premium is covered by the employer.
b. Voluntary1 - 100% of the premium is paid by the employee.
c. Contributory2 - Employers and employees share the cost of the premium.
d. Supplemental3 - Employers can also give employees the opportunity to purchase additional coverage for themselves, or dependent coverage, in addition to their employer-paid benefits.


Why disability insurance from New York life?


1 out of 4 workers will suffer a disability during their career.*


Maternity is the most common cause of short-term disability claims among female employees.**


The agent advantage
A highly trained financial professional will directly work with you and your employees.


5-year rate guarantee for small groups with 2-9 employees.

You can provide a comprehensive solution by offerings short- and long-term disability insurance. Short-term disability insurance protects your employees from loss of income if they are unable to work due to illness, injury, or pregnancy for a short period of time. Long-term disability insurance can step in where short-term disability leaves off. Long-term disability policies provide your employees with income replacement when they are unable to work due to illness or injury for an extended period.

New York Life has also received the highest financial strength ratings currently awarded to any U.S. life insurer. Click here to see what the rating agencies say about New York Life.

Connect with a financial professional

A New York Life financial professional can help you find the right solutions for your employees.

New York Life’s Group Disability Insurance program may be subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA).
You should consult with your tax and legal advisors regarding the applicability of ERISA to this program and your responsibilities, if any, under the program.
New York Life, its subsidiaries, agents, and employees do not provide legal or tax advice.

*Source: “Disability Statistics", Council for Disability Awareness, 2018.
** Disability Reinsurance Management Services and New York Life internal data 2017-2018.

1Gross-up plans allow employers to include premium cost as salary increases in employees’ salaries, thus providing employees with potential tax-free payment benefits.
2Minimum participation requirement is 75% for contributory plans on groups with 10+ lives; higher participation requirements for groups with 2–9 lives.
3Minimum participation requirement is greater of 7 employees or 25% of eligible lives for voluntary plans. Available with employer-paid group plan.