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What does owning permanent life insurance and real estate have in common?

The ability to build “equity.”

Term life insurance provides important protection for a period of time. As a policyholder, you understand the peace of mind that offers. But when you upgrade to whole life insurance, there’s no expiration date on your protection. And your policy may build cash value – or “equity” - that can grow over time. You can even enjoy generally tax-free access1 to the policy’s cash value which you may decide to put towards college funding, a down payment on a house, extra income for retirement, or a cushion for emergency expenses.

We know that life doesn’t always go as planned, and you may need flexibility as your needs change along the way. New York Life and the product solutions we offer can help ensure you and the people you love are protected, no matter what life brings. And our promises are backed by the claims-paying ability of a company with over 170 years of financial strength and integrity.

Are you ready to upgrade your life insurance protection? Contact your financial professional today to discuss converting your term policy to a permanent solution. Don't have an Agent? Connect with us below to learn more.

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Customize a plan that works best for you.

1 Loans and partial surrenders decrease the death benefit and cash value. Loans also accrue interest. There may be tax implications for policies recognized as modified endowment contracts (MEC) or if you partially surrender your policy such that the partial surrender exceeds the cost basis of the policy. Distributions including loans from a MEC are taxable to the extent of the gain in the policy and may be subject to a 10% additional tax if the owner is under age 59 1/2

The policy form numbers are as follows: Yearly Convertible Term: ICC18218-135P; New York Life Insurance Company One Year Non-Renewable Term: 209-125.27; NYLIAC One Year Non-Renewable Term: 309-125.27; Level Premium Convertible Term: ICC18218-60P; and Whole Life: ICC18217-50P (4/18).