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Top 5 emailed questions

The following are answers to commonly asked questions emailed to; if they fail to assist you with a given issue please feel free to visit the more detailed Frequently Asked Questions section or email us using the form at the bottom of this page.

I'm having problems logging in to my Personal Folder with my user name and password. Can you please help me?
There are several reasons you may be experiencing log-in issues:

  • We made several user and security enhancements to the personal folder. Unfortunately, if you created a Personal Folder before February 2003 and your chosen password was fewer than six characters or greater than 12 characters, you'll need to create a new Personal Folder to take advantage of these enhancements.
  • In most cases customers are inputting their Social Security Number and PIN in the Personal Folder application, when in fact you should be visiting the Virtual Service Center. These areas will provide you with the ability to register for access to your account/policy information by creating a user name and password, as well as a secret question and answer.
  • Another reason a visitor may face issues logging into the Personal Folder area located on the left navigation bar is because this login is case sensitive which means that you must input both your user name and password exactly as you did when you first created your Personal Folder or as it was provided to you by an agent.  If this fails, you'll need to create a totally new personal folder with a different user name and password by clicking here.
  • And finally the other common issue is that visitors are confusing the Personal Folder with the Virtual Service Center or Account Summary applications. But to obtain direct access to your information you need to visit the Virtual Service Center.

I've lost my log in information; can someone help me?
If you have lost your user information for the Personal Folder login  located on the left navigation bar, you can simply create a new Personal Folder by clicking here. (Please keep in mind the personal folder isn't a direct access point to your policy/account information) If an agent created a Personal Folder for you, then you can contact the agent and they will be able to reset your user information.

Where do I log in to view my account information?
To log in to view your account/policy information visit the Virtual Service Center.

How do I update my address?
For quick and convenient service, visit My Account to process the address change online or contact a Customer Service Representative by calling (800) 695-4331.

How do I make a payment online?
We currently offer the option to pay billed premiums through My Account under the Billing and Payments menu. For assistance making a payment online contact a Customer Service Representative by calling (800) 695-4331.

So you've visited our Frequently Asked Questions section and still can't find the answer you're looking for? Click below to visit our Virtual Service Center:

If your inquiry is not policy or account related, please use the form below to pose your question.

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You will receive an auto response based on the subject you selected within a few minutes. If your question requires more detailed information you will be contacted within 24-48 hours during the normal business week by the appropriate party. Weekend emails will be answered the next business day.