The Foundation Helps an Agent and People with Disabilities Hit a Home Run

Brian Miller, an agent with the Long Island GO in New York, volunteers with the League of Yes, (You Experience Success), an organization whose mission is to establish and sustain baseball programs for people of all ages with disabilities to help them develop social skills and increase self-esteem. Brian says, "Seeing the players enjoy playing baseball is so rewarding, and we really believe everyone deserves the chance to play the game. League of Yes helps make that possible."

One player who benefits from participating in the League of Yes is Anthony Dones, who has ties to New York Life though Retail Life, Marketing, Retail Annuities' Patti Wanagaitis. Patti donated her son's umbilical cord blood when he was born, which enabled Anthony to receive a life-saving transplant.

The League plays on two fields, a Suffolk county field in Farmingville, NY, and a Nassau county field in Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, NY. Brian noticed both fields had unenclosed dugouts that weren't offering the players enough protection from the sun and heat, which led to discomfort for players with medical conditions. Brian thought perhaps the New York Life's grant programs could provide funding to purchase a roof so players could sit in the shade.

Brian applied for a Community Impact Grant, a grant program for agents and General Office employees who have a strong relationship with a nonprofit. Due to Brian's strong commitment and his ability to leverage support from his network (other New York Life agents & employees and his family & friends) to support this organization, a $12,000 grant was approved that funded the installation of a galvanized corrugated metal over the top of each dugout.


Congratulations to the council agents and GO employees who won 2018 Q2 Community Impact Grants for local nonprofit organizations around the country!

Paul Smith, $20,000-Helping Hand Home for Children

Robin Wahby, $20,000-Pace Center for Girls Inc.

Jason Demarzo, $20,000-Read to a Child, Inc.

Sherry Barton, $20,000-Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Emilie Deery, $20,000-St. Joseph's Center

Zal Sethna, $20,000-The Tristesse Grief Center, Inc.

William Mahoney, $15,000-Children's Harbor, Inc

Marina Parsons, $15,000-Council on Aging Southern California

Suzanne Maybo, $15,000-Seany Foundation

Jeffrey Farmer, $12,500-Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson, Inc.

Don Angell, $12,500-Boys & Girls Club of Springfield

Tyler Kruse, $10,000-Big Brothers Big Sisters of Siouxland

Pablo Magdaleno-Carlos, $10,000-Children's Grief Center of El Paso

Mitchell Rosenberg, $10,000-Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Jeanmarie Deliso, $10,000-Community Music School of Springfield Inc.

Robert Fincham Jr, $10,000-Family Access Network Foundation

Kelly Kaneski, $10,000-Serotonin Surge Charities

Oscar Anzaldo, $5,000-Boys & Girls Club of Tracy Inc.

Michael Wecker, $5,000-Gateway Center of Monterey County, Inc.

Bruce Cumby, $5,000-La Salle Academy

Austin Janssen, $5,000-Miracle League of Sioux City

Tim Fitzgerald, $5,000-Shreveport Youth Boxing Club

Karen Hausler, $5,000-United Jewish Federation of Northeastern NY

Judy Blackston, $5,000-Veterans Heart Georgia Inc.


About Community Impact Grants

Community Impact Grants (CIG) are corporate responsibility grants that recognize field managers, proactive council agents, and General Office (G.O.) employees in their philanthropic engagement in their local communities. Grants are competitive but very obtainable. Key factors in evaluation include: New York Life applicant's sustained involvement; involvement by applicant's network (other New York Life employees & agents; friends, family and/or clients); the nominated project; budget, sustainability and addressing local needs.

CIG grants are awarded quarterly and range from $5,000 to $25,000 for specific projects and programs. The deadline to submit your application for Q3 is July 15 and Q4 is October 15. Eligible applicants can apply at

A committee of Agents Advisory Council (AAC) agents, Managing Partners, Advisory Council (MPAC) Managing Partners, and New York Life Foundation, Corporate Communications & Agency staff evaluate each application and determine grant awards.