How do I know what my living expenses will be when I retire?

Our living expenses calculator will help you compare your current expenses against what you’ve planned for in retirement. For example, you may want to travel more, which would increase your expenses. Or you could pay off your mortgage, which would decrease your expenses. Our calculator will help determine if your current retirement savings plan will enable you to have the quality of retirement you want.

The results and explanations generated by this calculator may vary due to user input and assumptions. For a more detailed financial analysis, complete the Contact an Agent form on the right and a local New York Life agent will contact you.

The results and explanations generated by this calculator may vary due to user input and assumptions. New York Life Insurance Company does not guarantee the accuracy of the calculators, results, explanations, nor applicability to your specific situation. Calculator results are hypothetical, based on assumptions which you choose. Results are approximate and do not account for influential factors such as the way you manage your investments in the future, taxes and investment management fees and expenses. We recommend that you use this calculator as a guideline only and you ultimately seek the guidance of an experienced professional.

  1. Itemized Income
    • Wages, salary and tips ($)
    • Alimony, child support (received) ($)
    • Dividends from stocks, etc. ($)
    • Interest on savings accounts, CDs, etc. ($)
    • Social security benefits ($)
    • Pensions ($)
    • Other income ($)
  2. Itemized Expenses
    • Mortgage payment or rent ($)
    • Vacation home (mortgage) ($)
    • Automobile loan(s) ($)
    • Personal loan(s) ($)
    • Charge accounts ($)
    • Federal income taxes ($)
    • State income taxes ($)
    • FICA (social security taxes) ($)
    • Real estate taxes ($)
    • Other taxes ($)
    • Utilities ($)
    • Household repairs and maintenance ($)
    • Food ($)
    • Clothing and laundry ($)
    • Educational expenses ($)
    • Child care ($)
    • Automobile expenses (gas, repairs, etc.) ($)
    • Other transportation expenses ($)
    • Life insurance premiums ($)
    • Homeowners (renters) insurance ($)
    • Automobile insurance ($)
    • Medical, dental and disability insurance ($)
    • Entertainment and dining ($)
    • Recreation and travel ($)
    • Club dues ($)
    • Hobbies ($)
    • Gifts ($)
    • Major home improvements and furnishings ($)
    • Professional services ($)
    • Charitable contributions ($)
    • Other and miscellaneous expenses ($)

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