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Life insurance can flex with your circumstances.

It’s important to reassess your financial situation regularly, and in particular as your family downsizes. When your kids are grown, you can focus your attention on taking care of a surviving spouse, and preserving a legacy for the next generation.

Single premium universal life is a type of life insurance in which a lump sum is paid, in return for your named beneficiaries receiving a benefit that is:

  • Federal Income-tax free
  • Guaranteed, regardless of what happens in the markets**
  • Without the time delay and expense of probate  

It’s one of the most efficient means to transfer wealth to your dependents (or a charity), and the cash builds up quickly because the policy is fully funded. Plus, if you ever need access to funds for emergencies, retirement, or other opportunities, you have the ability to tap into the policy’s cash value with a loan.

And if you choose our Asset Preserver policy, a single premium universal life policy,*** you may accelerate the Death Benefit tax-free for qualified long-term care expenses if needed. 


The best gift you can give.

Life insurance gives your family the gift of financial security. And there’s no better present than that.

Long-Term Care Insurance

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Single Premium Life Insurance

Transfer assets to a spouse, dependents, or as a charitable gift. Our Asset Preserver policy even comes with long-term care insurance.

Did you know life insurance is a great gift for your kids or grandkids?

A promising financial future.

Life is full of uncertain events, which can feel overwhelming. Learn how to structure your finances in a way that provides security for you and your loved ones.

Set Up a Special Needs Trust

A special needs trust can create a financial safety net for a loved one, without risking the loss of federal and state aid.

Pay for College with Cash Value

Whole and Universal Life policies can provide money to pay for college, with lower interest rates than a bank loan.*

Coming Late to the Game

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Plan Your Estate

Estate planning can clarify your wishes and decisions about health care, financial and property arrangements.

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